1 December 2016 -
16:30 to 17:45

Implications of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics on Clinical Care, Surgery and the Medtech Business Model (pdf)

Digital Health

Studio 5

This session will focus on the role of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics in healthcare and how they will change the way the industry operates.  An inspiring group of speakers will share a brief overview of the current status and opportunities, followed by real case examples of ‘black boxes’ in surgery rooms, deep learning in the field of retinal analysis, and the questions this raises for the medtech industry (e.g., commercial model, product development, patient and customer engagement, supply chain).

Vice President and General Manager - McKinsey & Company Healthcare Analytics, QuantumBlack
Co-Founder & CEO - Dreamup Vision
Professor of Surgery
Chair on Simulation, Serious Gaming and Applied Mobile Healthcare - University of Amsterdam
Moderator - McKinsey